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LASIK and Pterygium Surgery in Southern California

Laurène west
Laurène west
October 7, 2021
I recommend doctor Michel 100%. I got PRK eye surgery and all went well! I’m so happy with the result! No more contact lenses no more glasses I had a really bad vision ^^!
Berenice Ambriz
Berenice Ambriz
February 24, 2021
I had Lasek with Dr. Michel and honestly it was my best decision ever. I highly recommend Dr. Michel for Lasek.
Thundrel Khamshey
Thundrel Khamshey
December 3, 2020
I got my eyes done here and am so so happy I did. During the surgery itself I had a rare issue with extreme light sensitivity, Dr. Michel and his team weren't phased by it at all and were able to swiftly mitigate the problem and complete the surgery. In the months following the surgery I had the misfortune of suffering 2 eye injuries (I blame it on being used to having glasses protecting my eyes 24/7), each time Dr. Michel personally took the time to consult with me and made sure that there would be no adverse effects. Despite all of these issues I ended up with better than 20/20 vision so I really have to hand it to the guy, great work.
Claire P. Dorotheo
Claire P. Dorotheo
August 22, 2020
This time last year I had surgery to remove pterygium from my right eye. It was the cause of all my misery. Blood shot, red eyes everyday, no matter how much sleep I got. I was so self conscious about it, that I dreaded eye contact. The thought of eye surgery was terrifying, so I pretty much convinced myself that I was just going to have to live with it forever. No shot. The pterygium was getting bigger and eventually I was afraid that it would impair my vision. So I started doing my research and I found Dr. Franz. I called the office and setup a consultation. Noemi, his assistant, followed up and followed through for me every step of the way. Surgery day, I met people in the waiting room who were post surgery who had nothing but great things to say about Dr. Franz. So I felt confident and safe before, during and after my surgery. Dr. Franz is good, real good. :) I am happy and no longer shying away from eye contact. Thank you!!
June 4, 2020
Had surgery today with Dr.Michel and it went great. Didn’t feel anything while under the table. It was smooth and fast. My eye is feeling fine right now. I’m really happy I decided to have this surgery especially with Dr. Michel. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for any corneal surgeries. Five stars is not enough. Beyond 5 starts!!! Thank you so much Dr. Michel.
Marady M
Marady M
January 25, 2020
If you are considering getting LASIK, I recommend Dr. Michel. After doing my own search and consulting other ophthalmologists about LASIK, I decided to go with Dr. Michel. Painless and Quick Recovery: I did not feel any pain during the procedure (nor do I remember much of what happened that day), but I was not in pain even after the procedure. I recovered the next day and was able to see quite clearly. I was very impressed with the results, especially since I had the "no cut" technique." I never thought I would see with 20/20 vision. After 4 months, my vision is better than when I wore glasses or contacts. I am actually able to see 20/15 in both eyes! Affordable: I wanted something affordable and long lasting. I was surprised with how affordable the procedure was compared to the other places I looked into. It was also nice to find out you can do monthly payments without interest. Friendly Staff and Reliable Doctor: The staff was great and I did not wait more than 5 minutes for all my appointments. Dr. Michel took his time to answer all my questions and discuss everything I needed to know. I was taken with great care all throughout my appointments and the procedure. All in all, I highly recommend Dr. Michel.
Kimberley Caputo
Kimberley Caputo
May 4, 2018
Dr. Michel has taken care of many of my family members. He has shown compassion, professionalism and kindness. He is always available and accommodating. He has demonstrated superior knowledge and unparalleled expertise. As a surgeon with 6 children of my own I would highly recommend Dr. Michel for the opthalmalogic care of your entire family.
Jeffrey Caputo
Jeffrey Caputo
May 4, 2018
I am a Family Practice doctor and Dr Michel has taken care of many members of my family. He is an excellent doctor. He is knowledgeable, always available and an outstanding clinician. I would highly recommend him for any one in need of ophthalmologic care.
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#1 Lasik Surgeon in Ventura County

LASIK eye surgery is a laser vision correction procedure of the eye that can correct nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia), as well as cure astigmatism.

Dr. Michel, voted the #1 LASIK surgeon in Ventura County, uses a technique known as LASEK, or epi-LASEK. LASEK combines the best of both PRK LASIK and regular LASIK. However, unlike PRK LASIK, the epithelial layer is retained and not discarded meaning, with LASEK, there are no sharp blades involved. It’s a no-cut, no-blade laser vision correction procedure.

If you’re tired of the inconvenience of constant spectacle or contact lens wear, LASIK eye surgery (LASEK) may be the solution for you.

#1 Referral Choice for
Pterygium Removal Surgery

Dr. Michel, trained cornea specialist and Lasik surgeon, is referred to as the “King of Pterygium” by other cornea specialists and is one of the more renowned Pterygium surgeons in the world.

He is the Eye Doctor’s #1 Referral Choice for Pterygium Removal Surgery. He specializes in Pterygium removal surgery, also referred to as carnosidad and surfer’s eye because it’s caused by ultraviolet-light exposure (sunlight), low humidity, and dust and while other cornea specialists have recurrence rates of 10-50%, Dr. Michel’s Pterygium recurrence rates are LESS THAN ONE PERCENT.

No Sutures. No Stitches. Very Low Recurrence Rates.

Why Choose Us

Voted Best LASIK & Pterygium Surgeon

Dr. Franz Michel, a UCLA-trained cornea specialist, specializes in Pterygium surgery and bladeless, no-cut LASIK laser eye surgery which offers better comfort and faster visual recovery.

With offices in Thousand Oaks and Oxnard, California, Dr. Michel is referred to by other cornea specialists as the “King of Pterygium” and has the largest Pterygium referral practice in the US.

In addition, 100% of Dr. Michel’s LASIK surgery patients have been able to pass the DMV vision test without glasses and 94% have enjoyed 20/20 vision.

Watch as Dr. Michel explains his Pterygium technique, why his recurrence rates are lower than most ophthalmologists in the world, and what you can expect during your initial Pterygium exam and Pterygium surgery procedure.
Before Pterygium removal surgery
Before Pterygium Removal Surgery
After Pterygium removal surgery
After Pterygium Removal Surgery
Now with 20/25 Vision

Dr. Michel’s Pterygium Removal Surgery on a Patient with a Legally Blind Eye

The eye was legally blind and could not see the big E on the chart before surgery (could only see a hand waving in front of the eye).

2 year post operative image is the after, uncorrected vision improved to 20/30 and 20/25 with a slight prescription.

First-Class Service

From the initial consultation to LASIK surgery to the post-operative meeting, Dr. Michel manages every aspect of your care himself. Should you have questions or concerns before or afterward, you can easily reach Dr. Michel because he will give you his personal cell phone number.

Safety & Ethics

Dr. Michel evaluates your eyes with safety and precision as he tailors treatment to your individual needs. Dr. Michel is known for his politeness and honesty in consultations. If LASIK or Pterygium surgeries are not for you, he will suggest alternatives.

Impeccable Attention to Detail

We use wavefront laser technology which offers superb laser vision correction results while maintaining the natural shape of the eye. Dr. Michel thoroughly reviews your eye tests at least three times before LASIK surgery.


Dr. Michel offers very reasonable rates because he doesn’t want cost to prevent you from seeing clearly and well again. He also offers 0% down CareCredit financing for LASIK. Currently offering $1,750 per eye.

Best of LA - As Seen on KCAL 9 in Los Angeles
Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
American Board of Ophthalmology

Patient Stories: Dr. Harlan Mittag, Pterygium Removal Surgery

Many people with a Pterygium wait a while to have it removed. Their concerns are manifold: fear of surgery, concerns about recurrence, downtime, etc. If you have any concerns at all about Pterygium removal surgery, listen to Dr. Harlan Mittag of Minnesota describe his experience with Dr. Michel. The Pterygium had grown over the course of years to the extent that it caused blindness to his left eye. Not only was the surgery “easy” but now, post-procedure, his left eye is 20/60 with no correction and correctible to 20/30.
Thank you, Dr. Mittag!

$1,750 per eye

No-Cut, Bladeless

Lasik Eye

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