Dr. Franz Michel
Pterygium Removal Surgeon
& LASIK Surgeon (epi-LASEK)

Franz Michel, MD, a UCLA-trained cornea specialist, specializes in Pterygium surgery and bladeless, no-cut LASEK laser eye surgery.

With offices in Ventura County (Thousand Oaks, Oxnard) and Los Angeles, Dr. Michel is referred to by other cornea specialists as the "king of Pterygium" and has the largest Pterygium referral practice in the US. His Pterygium recurrence rates are less than 1%, a remarkably low rate compared to the 10-50% recurrence rates of other Pterygium removal surgeons. In addition, 100% of Dr. Michel's LASEK laser eye surgery patients have been able to pass the DMV vision test without glasses and 94% have enjoyed 20/20 vision.

LASIK surgery special only $1750 per eye

Why Choose Dr. Franz Michel As Your Pterygium Removal & LASIK Eye Surgeon?

You are family. We care the same for you as we would for our own family. We treat all of our patients with compassion, consideration and respect. And our track record in LASIK eye surgery is impeccable and our patients will attest.

Our results. Dr. Michel has the highest standards for the care of your eyes. He is honest, compassionately direct, never takes shortcuts, and offers patients the most advanced LASIK eye surgery technology.

We use only advanced laser eye surgery technology so that you have the best LASIK results. We use wavefront laser technology which offers superb laser vision correction while maintaining the natural shape of the eye.

First-class service. Dr. Michel knows that the thought of having laser eye surgery can be frightening and so the continuity of care is important to him, and to you. He doesn't run a corporate LASIK eye factory that hands patients off from one person to another. From the initial consultation to LASIK surgery to post-op, Dr. Michel manages every aspect of your care himself. If questions or concerns arise, Dr. Michel encourages you to call him directly on his cell phone.

Dr. Michel thoroughly reviews your eye tests at least three times before LASIK surgery. Borrowing from an old adage: measure three times, operate once.

Emphasis on safety and ethics. While at UCLA, Dr. Michel’s sub-specialty was correcting Pterygium and LASIK complications performed by other doctors. As a result, he evaluates your eyes with safety and precision as he tailors treatment to your individual needs. Dr. Michel is known for his politeness and honesty in consultations. If LASIK is not for you, he will suggest an alternative, i.e., PRK LASIK, regular LASIK, Bladeless No Cut LASEK (epi-LASEK), Intacs, and Pterygium Removal.

Affordability. Dr. Michel uses advanced laser technology and has a superb track record in LASIK surgery and Pterygium removal surgery; yet, he still offers very reasonable rates. We also offer 0% Down CareCredit Financing for LASIK.

He values your time. Your time is valuable. Nobody wants to spend their whole day at their LASIK surgeon’s office. Dr. Michel does everything to accommodate you and your schedule. However, if you have to wait more than 10 minutes due to an emergency patient, we will make it up to you!

We give back! Dr. Michel supports Habitat for Humanity, Equestrian Autism, as well as numerous schools and kids sports teams. He also supports drilling wells that supply fresh water to villagers in Burma. In 2010, four teenage boys died locally in a tragic car accident. Dr. Michel held a surgical fundraiser which donated money to help the mothers of the deceased cover funeral expenses. We are given a lot and, for that, we are happy, if not obliged, to give back.

Dr. Michel is a cornea specialist specializing in bladeless, no cut LASEK. He serves all of Ventura County including Camarillo, Oxnard, Moorpark, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura. He also serves Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties.





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