LASIK Eye Surgery Reviews

“Dr. Michel,

You performed Lasik surgery on my eyes several years ago. I recently went to the DMV and had to take an eye exam. My vision is still 20/20. I was surprised and very happy to be able to read the smallest letters. In my 54 years, this was the first time I don’t have any restrictions on my driver’s license. On further reflection, the quality of daily life has improved. Waking up without needing glasses or contacts is a great gift. Andrew is now 29 and you did Lasik on his eyes when he was 18. His vision is still perfect as well. Thanks for improving the overall quality of our lives and making our journey a little easier. A grateful patient,”

–Nicole C.

LASIK eye surgery review, Dr. Franz Michel, Ventura County Lasik

“Dr. Michel,
Thank you for giving me of easy, care-free, 20/20 vision! Yuo really do make a difference in the world.

–Jocelyn M.

LASIK eye surgery review, Dr. Franz Michel, Ventura County Lasik

“I’ve never had to wear glasses before, but it was getting difficult to read menus and patient charts without reading glasses and I didn’t want to start now, Dr. Michel did such a thorough job of examination and explanation I knew I could trust him with my eyes. I was right, it’s been about a year now and my results are superb. The recovery was short too! I really was back in the office treating patients 2 hours after the procedure.”

–Dr. Guy Rogers, Thousand Oaks

“I did my internship with Dr. Michel and thought about laser eye surgery for a long time. Now a year later after epi-lasik, my vision is great! Better yet, I won’t need reading glasses in the years to come. I’ve known Dr. Michel for 10 years now and recommend him without hesitation.”

–Tom Aguirre MD, Santa Barbara

“My laser eye surgery with Dr. Michel was truly life-changing. It is so liberating to be able to see without glasses! I flew from Toronto to have him do my surgery. It was worth the trip!”

–Ishali M, Toronto, Canada

“Dr. Michel, your skills with E-lasek are the best! My vision is so good, it’s scary! I can even see the individual pixels on the TV.”

–Debra M. – Thousand Oaks

“Before Epilasik, my astigmatism was off the charts. Now my vision is 20/20 in the right eye, 20/15 in the left. It’s nice to be able to read movie subtitles from across the room.”

–Christina Chehadah of Thousand Oaks

“I was wearing contacts all the time, for many years. Then as I got older, I needed to wear glasses to read. I was always hearing about laser eye surgery. But my fear of doing that stopped me from seriously pursuing it. Until I met Dr. Michel in a seminar, he was very knowledgeable on the subject. I went ahead with the eye surgery. I love it, he did a great job. No more contacts, no more red irritated eyes. To see clearly when I wake up in the morning, or to go swimming and not worry about my eyes is a wonderful feeling. I would recommend this to everyone.”

–Debbie Fugazzi

“I love my Intacs! Despite my Keratoconus, now I can pass the DMV test without my glasses. Thanks Dr. Michel.”

–Edward B, Woodland Hills

“I would highly recommend that anyone who is even remotely interested in having vision correction talk to Dr. Michel. I had the epi-lasik procedure, and it was really quick and easy. Now, my astigmatism and near-sightedness are gone, and I have better than 20/20 vision! Thanks Dr. Michel!”

–Joshua B.

“Dr. Michel, it has truly been a blessing to see the world in a different way, and for that I owe you a world of thanks!”

–Kevin B. Moorpark

“Laser Eye surgery was the best thing I ever did for myself. Wow! What a difference.”

–Mike Musicant, Thousand Oaks

“I have Keratoconus and was losing my vision to the point where glasses and contacts couldn’t help me. I couldn’t see and was worried about dropping out of school. The Intacs surgery really improved my vision. Now I can pass the DMV vision test. I recommend Intacs highly. What a relief to have my vision back!”

–Vicky Hernandez, Thousand Oaks

“I had Epi-lasik surgery in October 2008 and I am so happy with my decision! Prior to the surgery, I needed contact lenses to see far and reading glasses to read. Dr. Michel corrected my right eye for the far vision and undercorrected my left eye for close-up vision. The result- I can now see far and read without any corrective lenses whatsoever! At 50 I now see better than when I was 30. Thank you Dr. Michel!!”

–Mark S., Thousand Oaks