Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction using no cut bladeless LASIKAll-Laser LASIK

Most people are afraid of the idea of laser vision correction treatment. All-Laser LASIK avoids blades by precisely creating the LASIK flap using millions of computer-guided laser spots.

All-Laser LASIK is an excellent way to perform LASIK in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and Oxnard, offering excellent vision and reduced recovery time.


For those with laser vision correction issues who want the freedom of good vision, but are fearful of any type of surgery, Epi-LASIK, also referred to as LASEK, is a great option. LASEK provides excellent vision without creating a corneal flap.

With LASEK, the surface skin cells of the eye are gently moved to the side and then replaced after laser vision correction treatment is applied. This treatment is bladeless, no cut LASIK and as no blade is used and no corneal flap is made, the safety of LASEK is excellent and is the procedure of choice for Navy SEALS.

No-cut LASEK and All-Laser LASIK are, in our professional opinion, simply the safest and most-effective forms of laser vision correction available.


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