Keratoconus Is Not Always A Sentence to Blindness

Our website brings inquiries and questions from all over the world. Recently a woman in Florida sent a desperate plea for help. Her husband had been diagnosed with Keratoconus and was told that he would inevitably go blind over time. The poor guy was living his life thinking that nothing could be done and he was destined to a life with a seeing-eye dog and a cane. Meanwhile, he could see well enough to work on a computer at his work, so he still had functional vision.

He had been given a blindness sentence. Unfortunately, he had not been told about the various treatments available and instead was told that nothing could be done. If you have Keratoconus please know that most people with this condition do not go blind. Although a few people do lose vision to the point where they need a Corneal Transplant, over 90% of Keratoconus patients maintain good functional vision.

The approach to Keratoconus is pretty easy. First try glasses or contacts. If soft contacts do not help, see a doctor who specializes in contacts for Keratoconus. If glasses and specialized contacts do not help then consider Intacs implants. Intacs are a great option to consider before having a Corneal Transplant and many insurance plans cover them in cases of impaired vision.

The bottom line: If you have Keratoconus and have been told that nothing can be done for you, consider getting a second opinion from a Cornea Specialist with extensive experience with the condition.

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