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Man with dry eyes working on computer

The Link Between Dry Eye and Depression

If clinical depression involves sadness, low mood, and bouts of crying, you’d think it’d be more associated with watery eyes rather than dry. However, studies have shown that depression is indeed linked with dry eye. More research is needed to fully understand exactly how these two conditions relate to each other; however, the link appears to be clear. Does dry eye cause depression or does depression cause dry eye? Or is it something else entirely?
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What eye floaters look like

Food for Floaters

It’s a fly! No, it’s a spider! No, it’s a…. vitreous floater. Though you may be relieved to realize you’ve not walked into a swarm of midges after all, for some, the diagnosis of vitreous floaters isn’t particularly welcome either. Seen as little squiggles, lines, cobwebs, or specks that drift across your vision, floaters are both annoyingly common and just plain annoying.
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Happy senior couple

Cataract Surgery Could Reduce Dementia Risk

With dementia affecting almost 6 million people in the US, it wouldn’t be unexpected that you may personally know of someone affected by dementia. The term dementia describes a group of conditions involving impaired cognitive abilities that interfere with daily tasks. The World Health Organization identifies dementia as a global public health priority due to its significant impact not only on the people experiencing dementia, but also on their surrounding communities. In the US, dementia costs the economy over $600 billion every year.
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birth control pills

Can Birth Control Pills Cause Glaucoma?

When talking about risk factors for various diseases, gender often comes into play. And we’re not just talking about being more at risk of ovarian cancer if you’re a woman or prostate cancer if you’re a man compared to the opposite gender. Just to name a few – if you’re female, you have a higher risk for autoimmune disease, cataracts, and arthritis, compared to your male counterparts. If you’re a man, you’re more likely to experience cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and pterygia (surfer’s eye) compared to the fairer sex.
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Treatment Options for Presbyopia

Well, it’s that time. You’re in your mid-40s and your life has been in clear focus until now. No, we’re not talking about a mid-life crisis, though you can still buy that red Ferrari if you really want to. We’re talking about presbyopia. Presby-what, you ask? Perhaps you recall the day your parents started wearing reading glasses but at the time probably didn’t realize that that would be you one day, too.
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Middle aged man with pterygium in left eye

¿Cómo sé si tengo pterigión?

La palabra «pterigión» se deriva del griego para «ala» (pista: la p es silenciosa). Seguramente sabrías si tuvieras un ala en el ojo, ¿verdad? Aunque hay un individuo ocasional que es completamente ajeno a la masa blanca rosada que se arrastra sobre su ojo, la mayoría de las personas son conscientes de que están desarrollando un crecimiento sobre la córnea. La verdadera pregunta es, ¿qué es? ¿Necesitas preocuparte?
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Astronaut in space

Así que quieres ser astronauta: los efectos secundarios de los vuelos espaciales

Es el sueño de muchos niños o niñas: convertirse algún día en astronauta y contemplar nuestro hermoso planeta azul no desde la tierra, sino desde el espacio exterior. Sin embargo, a menos que usted fuera un niño particularmente sensato y bien investigado, es posible que no sea consciente de los profundos efectos que los vuelos espaciales pueden tener en el cuerpo humano. Una investigación extensa y continúa realizada por la NASA y otras autoridades ha encontrado que las duraciones prolongadas que pasa con la cabeza en las estrellas en realidad pueden resultar en:
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Older woman smiling with glasses

Puedo tener LASIK si…

Si usted es una de las muchas personas con gafas que han considerado la cirugía ocular con láser LASIK, es posible que haya oído hablar del término «criterios de elegibilidad» o algo similar. Básicamente, ¿eres adecuado para LASIK?

Si bien la respuesta definitiva a esta pregunta recae en su especialista en ojos, hay algunas reglas generales que pueden ayudarlo a saber si debe esperar un rotundo «¡sí, lo es!» o un decepcionante «no, desafortunadamente no».

Los factores generales que determinan su idoneidad para la cirugía ocular LASIK incluyen:
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Drinking Alcohol Can Affect Your Eyes

Six Ways that Drinking Alcohol Affects Your Eyes

You’re feeling a bit blurry, your vision is going in and out of focus… you think you’re getting some double vision… Do you need new glasses? Or could it be that you just had one too many glasses – of wine?

Around the world, about 117 billion gallons of alcoholic beverages are consumed each year. In the US, beer is the drink of choice, followed by spirits and wine. However, while a tipple or two at a party is generally considered socially acceptable, a number of Americans rely on having a bottle in hand for a bit more than just to look cool or to wet their lips. In 2019, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated around 14.5 million US residents were living with an alcohol addiction.

While the full effects of alcoholism are beyond the scope of this particular article, there are some interesting facts to know about the effect alcohol has on eyes.
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