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How Eyes Offer Clues About the Health of Your Body

The full list of systemic diseases associated with signs in the eye is one that is too long to be contained in a single post. It ranges from the obscure syndromes such as Marfan’s and Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (that would be a mouthful to say) to the more well-known conditions of diabetes and hypertension. Don’t forget, the same blood that runs through your liver and down through the blood vessels of your toes eventually also circulates through your eyeballs.

The role of an eyecare practitioner is sometimes akin to that of a detective – picking up various little clues during an eye examination that could result in making a deduction about your cholesterol levels or the presence of a certain gene in your DNA, perhaps even making a link to your ongoing bowel problems or mouth ulcers.
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